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How To Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Ahhhh new homes.  Even after all the moving boxes are unpacked and the fridge is stocked with food, there’s still a feeling of newness that precludes a true sense of comfort. Sometimes this feeling persists long after you move in. There’s certainly something to be said about putting your own mark on a place to make it not feel like just 4 walls and a ceiling.

“Hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish term that refers to feelings of coziness and comfort, and a sort of pleasant comfort that comes with certain atmospheres or situations. Figuring out how to make your house feel like home is, more than anything, about figuring out how to make your home cozy to your particular taste. Only you know what truly makes you feel warm, safe, and happy, and brainstorming what those things are and incorporating them into your house or apartment is the first step toward nurturing a sense of home.

Need some help making your space feel like home? Try some of these ideas 🙂

Find Your Style

First and foremost, if you decorate your space with an aesthetic that doesn’t truly speak to you… it will never feel like your home.

Perhaps you enjoy the fun and bubbly boho style, or that sophisticated farmhouse chic? Whatever speaks to you, go for it! The idea is to find what type of materials, colors, furniture that soothes your soul internally and would put a smile on your face each time you come home. If you need help deciphering different styles, we recommend looking them up on Pinterest and taking note of which ones you gravitate to 🙂



Hang Art

There is a bunch of research out there showing that simply looking at art can reduce stress and make you happy. Aside from the fact that we get a big boost of pleasure from looking at things that we consider beautiful, hanging art puts your individual personality and interests into the space. As you surround yourself with things that make you feel good, the more your space should feel like home.

Add Greenery

Plants and flowers are well-known for their capability to boost moods and reduce stress, among other things. There is thought to be an innate sense of hygge in nature, and we can foster that in our own homes by introducing greenery and fresh blooms into our space. Aloe vera, snake plants, and monstera varieties are great houseplants for beginners and non-green thumbs, and will purify your air… a win-win in Team Olga’s books! Even artificial plants can transform a space if that is more your style 😉

Play With Lighting

Few things make a house feel less inviting than insufficient lighting, or dreaded fluorescent lighting. How can your home showcase your bright personality when its soooo dark? Find lighting fixtures emit warm temperature shades of white or yellow, which promote relaxation. Then add additional lighting as desired. Nearly any space can be made instantly more homey with the introduction of some well-placed lamps, string lights, or a battery-powered flameless candle in a lantern.

Clean It Up

You know how bed always feels the best when you’re climbing into freshly washed sheets? That’s because it’s hard to be completely comfortable in a place that’s dirty and/or filled with clutter. If you’re trying to figure out how to make a home cozy, you need to start with making it clean. Your physical space is an expression of the way you feel, and if you want to feel truly relaxed and at home, you should make an effort to keep your space worthy of snuggling into. Regularly wash your sheets and towels, keep your floors and other surfaces clean, and make it a habit to clear clutter before it gets out of hand- and yes, you can leave netflix on while doing so 😉

Display Items of Importance

Have an item from your childhood? Our childhood house often stands as the epitome of what “home” really is. You can never fully recreate the feeling of your childhood home, but you can keep a few items that remind you of it close by. It might be a special piece of furniture, the music box from your old bedroom, a family heirloom or even a few nostalgic board games. Items like these carry with them warming energy of where they came from, and exude comfort upon sight.

Sometimes, your space won’t feel like home simply because it doesn’t function well for you and your lifestyle anymore.

In that case, moving might be your cure.

Did you know that the sense of ownership and pride that comes from owning a home has a huge impact on whether or not your space feels like home?

We’re happy to share with you why! Contact Team Olga today 🙂

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