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Tips For Moving

Moving is always a big milestone, whether its across the country or across the street! After experiencing moving quite a few times and helping countless families move too, here are our top tips we’ve picked up over the years:

Time to purge…

That’s right! Moving is the perfect time to pull everything out and sort through it 1 by 1. Give yourself an evening (or 4) to do this. Make a pile for things that are going to the new house, things to donate, and things to trash. As Marie Kondo says, “Does this item spark joy?

You will need more boxes than that.

It never fails that moving day comes, and as the last of the furniture is being loaded onto a truck, you’re left scrambling trying to figure out how all the odds and ends will fit in your car. How ever boxes you planned on purchasing, add on 3-4 medium small sized boxes, you can always return what you didn’t use 😉

Don’t plan to move in on your closing date.

If possible, try to schedule your moving timeline with a buffer in between your closing date. This way you have some time to ease into the home. Giving yourself a few days to have any touch ups/ fumigation done and flexibility in case the closing date needs to be delayed. We find that homeowners who allow a week or so between their close date and new move in date experience a much easier and less stressful transition 🙂

Take photos before and after!

You won’t regret looking back and seeing what the home initially looked like, vs after getting settled. Don’t overthink it… just take the picture!

And don’t forget, we are always here for you! Whether you need contacts for movers, contractors or even just moral support 😉

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