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What To Do While Social Distancing

2020 had quite some action over the past few months, with the Coronavirus pandemic taking the world by storm. In the U.S., testing for this virus got off to a slow start, limiting efforts to isolate those with the disease. Public health experts now say the most important goal is to slow the spread of the coronavirus so that the number of people who require medical attention doesn’t overwhelm hospitals. This is bigger than just you- The individual risk may be low, thus, the inconvenience of some of these measures may seem high. But taking steps like these will benefit the population as a whole from others who can be seriously harmed by this virus and in turn, may end up in the hospital. A surge of patients with the virus could fill beds also needed by a broad range of others, such as cancer patients, newborns or car accident victims.

What does that mean? STAY HOME!!!

COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory virus. People who test positive for the virus may experience high fevers, shortness of breath/ trouble breathing, coughing, and other pneumonia-like symptoms. This can be deadly to people with pre-existing conditions and an individual who doesn’t get very sick might still pass the infection along to others without experiencing any symptoms.

Health Officials are recommending to self-isolate or quarantine for a minimum of 2-3 weeks so the virus won’t spread as rapidly. Are you thinking about what to do with all that time being home? Here are some ideas:

  • Movie Marathon! Did you know if you watch 1 Harry Potter movie per day, (watch both Deathly Hallows films on the same day), you’ll finish the series in a week 😉
  • Have you watched every episode of The Office yet? If crime series are more your speed, you NEED to go watch Dexter now!
  • Clean Clean Clean! Those baseboards or ceiling fan blades that you haven’t touched in well over a year? They’ll be shining with gratitude 😛
  • Rearrange your rooms! Getting bored of your bedroom layout? What a great time to move it around 15 times (it’s a great workout too!)
  • Try a new recipe! With all the stockpiling (hopefully you bought more food than toilet paper…), perhaps each day you can try out a new dish? Pinterest has a ton of ideas..
  • Do you have furry friends? This is the most exciting week of your pet’s life! They’re sooo happy to see you not leave for work! Maybe now you can finally teach your pooch to roll over 😉
  • Finally, get around to budgeting. Have you told yourself you’d get ahold of your finances once you have some time? Perhaps now is a great time to start a spreadsheet of your spending habits.

More importantly, if you go stir crazy over the next few weeks and are ready for a new abode once we get back to society, feel free to reach out to us 😉 We’re always here for YOU!

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